My name is Gay Morris
Gay Lynette Morris uses silk as a tangible medium to recreate her memories of people, places, and life experiences. A native of New South Wales, Australia, Gay spent most of her childhood living with her missionary parents in Jamaica. " The sea, the mountains , the color, and the politics of the Caribbean have strongly influenced my life and attitudes", she says. Before using silk she painted her original images on cotton, rice paper, and fabric for such fashion houses as Liz Claiborne. But silk is what best captures the spirit of her images.
Her artwork is a fusion of imagery with a palette that reflects the light and sheen of her subjects. She first draws on the silk with a resistant medium using the lines to highlight the rich patterns that range from tropical landscapes to botanicals, New England flora and fauna, two dimensional totems, and biblical parables. Gay's paintings have appeared in galleries and shows throughout the East Coast and Jamaica, as well as in several private and corporate collections including the Von Trapp Family (of The Sound Of Music  fame) and the Massachusetts Medical Society.
She currently resides in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire and can be reached at [email protected].